How To Lay A Bet In Just 5 Minutes!

This tutorial is everything you need in order to understand how to place a laying bet.

In Laying the two most important things you need to understand is;

  1. Stake : This is the amount you are betting.
  2. Liability: This is the amount you would lose if your prediction goes wrong (that is why you need to follow the staking plan I explained in the members area all the time).
  3. Unmatched: when your bet is unmatched, it means it has not been accepted yet by the bookmaker.
  4. Matched bet: It is the direct opposite of unmatched bet, it means your bet has been accepted and you are good to go.

So, in the Image below I illustrated how to lay a football bet.

From the Illustration above, we are laying the draw. It possible to lay any other outcome too but for the purpose of this tutorial, we are laying the draw.

When we lay the draw, we are saying this game won't end in a draw.

The laying odds is the one in pink color @4.95, just beside the back odds.

The amount you entered is your stake as you can see from the example that is $5 and the liablity is $19.75.

Let me interpret that, you are betting $5 to make back $5 (laying odds is automatically at 2.0 so you win double of your stake.

But you loose $19.75 if that game should end in a draw.

Thats is as easy to understand as that.

It is possible for me to send a game that has to to with laying the total goals or handicap, just locate the market within that game and place your bet.

This same tutorial is applicable to horse racing...the only thing that changes is the type of sport.

Remember to always follow the staking plan of dividing your account by 100!


The second market I you will be getting tips from is the halftime/full time market.

It's just the same with the earlier tutorial.

When I ask you to lay a particular team for Halftime/Fulltime, this is what I mean:

I will be using Man Utd Vs Crystal Palace as example for this tutorial.

If I ask you to lay Man Utd: Halftime/Full time.

This is what I expect you to do.

As you can see from the picture, we are laying Man Utd for both Halftime/Fulltime @2.44

Whenever I send you a game like this, I will always Indicate the team to lay for the halftime/fulltime.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful?



The Staking Plan: The Most Important!

Let's assume a bank of 1000 points:
Prices below 3.5: lay to 1% of bank - you lay 10 pts, your liability under 25 pts
Prices from 3.5 to 7.4: lay to 0.6% of bank - you lay 6 pts, your liability 15 to 38.4 pts

So let me break that down...

Take for instance you are betting with a bankroll of $1000, thats is automatically 1000points...just divide your bankroll by 100, it will give you 1% of your entire bankroll which is equivalent to 10pts.

Any odds you are laying that is less than @3.5, you bet 10pts in this case 10pts will be $10

Any odds from @3.5 to @7.4 you bet 6points in this case, 6points will be $6.

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