£20,000+ In February & £6,000+ In March
Time To Change The Way You Bet

A Message From The King Of Profit

Today is going to change the way you bet!

That's a bold statement I know, but if you are...

Fed up of betting on singles...
Fed up of a days profit been less than £100...
Fed up of monthly subscriptions...
or even fed up of consistently losing...

Then this message is about to change all that.

My name is Ricky Hudson but my friends and members call me The King of Profit.

Want to know why? Take a look at the winning bets from March!

£50 Bet Returned £375!

£20 Bet Returned £5,419!

£50 Bet Returned £769!

2 Winning Bets & A Return of Over £6,000

When's the last time you had winning bets hit your account like that?

Have you ever?

If not, don't worry, you've probably fallen into the typical "tipster" or should I say "shyster" trap.

Does this sound familiar?

You pay a monthly subscription.
You place bets every day.
You bet at level stake points to win.

Then they hit the odd winner and shout from the roofs when they turn a 6pt profit, they end a month in profit and they claim it another success although you've paid £20-£30 per month for the privilege of making £200 over the month.

Would you work a job for £200 per month?

Let alone pay to do it?

Yeah I thought not.

How many of these have you joined over the last few years?

And the ones that make you £200 a month are the good ones out of the bunch.

But trust me its time to leave all these behind as I can show you how you can make HUGE profits from just a few bets per day.

A Cold Hard Truth

When it comes to betting there is one truth that you need to understand.

You will lose more days than you win.

I don't care what method you follow, the losing days will always outweigh the winning ones. My approach included!

The sooner you understand and accept this then the sooner you will be able to make serious profits.

The tipster who claim otherwise are some of the worst ones out there, following complex systems that are time consuming and expect you to be online through the day every day to follow some set of rules only to end up in profit by 1x your stake at the end the day.

Great, I could spend all day betting to make £50 a day with the risk of losing.

I could go down the local building site and ask to shovel sand all day and earn that with no risk of losing anything.

Want to see what real betting profits look like?

In February I Took The Bookies For Over £20,000

Look at these winners I had in the final week of the month...

£50 Bet Returned £275!

£50 Bet Returned £1,338.75!

£20 Bet Returned £1,347.27!

£20 Bet Returned £18,590!

Yes, That's £18,590 From A Single £20 Bet

£50 Bet Returned £975!

£20 Bet Returned £425!

£20,000 is a great month, it was helped hugely by the huge treble winner on the 25th that returned over £18,500 profit.

But do you know what separates me from most tipsters?

I have the balls to recommend that bet.

Most of them will pussy out when suggesting we bet on a treble.

They want to play is safe.

They'll give you 3 favourites, instead of going for the kill.

Or maybe they just can't pick winners.

I pick the horse I think will win, if the horse is priced at 10/1 it doesn't put me off, in fact the opposite. It puts a smile on my face because when it comes in, I'll be walking away with even more winnings.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with picking favourites IF that horse is the one that is going to win the race.

You'll see a few favourites in the winning bets above but using my method you will always get a great return.


Want To Start Winning Today?

One thing I hate is subscriptions.

I believe you should only pay for winning bets.

How much is a winning bet like the ones above worth to you?

My lowest winning bet over the last few weeks was £275, a profit of £225, but that was due to a non-runner in the double.

My lowest winning bet where all horses run was £425.25, a profit of £405.25.

How much is one winning bet like that worth to you?

How about if I told you that TODAY you could get winners like that for no more than £10!

If you're interested, here's the deal...

Only Pay For Winning Bets

The price you see is the price you pay.


Option 1 : Pay For 5 Winning Bets
£10 Per Winning Bet
£50 (23,750naira)


Option 2: Pay For 10 Winning Bets
£7.90 Per Winning Bet
£79 (37,525naira)


Option 3: Pay For 20 Winning Bets
£5 Per Winning Bet
£100 (47,500naira)


April Results Have Been So Impressive Too!

£30 Bet Returned £390!

£30 Bet Returned £180!

Another £30 Bet Returned £180!

£30 RETURNED OVER £2,266




How To Join The KING'S Winning Bets!

Make a bank deposit/online or mobile money transfer of N23,750 for Option 1 (5 winning bets) or 37,525 (10 winning bets) for Option 2 or 47,500 for Option 3 (20 winning bets) into any branch of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc in Nigeria.  

The account details are:

Bank - Guaranty Trust Bank PLC

Account Name : ODUNUGA IDOWU

Account Number : 011-409-8675  

STEP 2 - After payments, send an SMS payment notice.  

The BODY of the SMS should contain the following:  

Amount paid, Depositor's Name, Email Address to: 07052017884

(If you are on whatsapp, no need to send me SMS...just send a whatsapp message with your payment notification)

Winning bets are bets that see a return, but I'll ensure that all winners counted in your membership return at least £100, this means that if we have multiple non-runners in a treble or a non-runner in a double where we win the bet but the return is not in excess of £100 then the bet will not be counted as part of your membership.

Bets are sent the evening before the racing to ensure we get the best odds possible on each selection.

So if you want to start winning today, just choose how many BIG winning bets you want me to send you.



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