Now in 2019 it is NOW

An Auto Betting Software.

Released in 2007 originally.

And a revised Priced Manual.(Save £60.00 on it NOW.)

And a Brand New Staking Spread Sheet.

Lay Pro 88 will make you MONEY!

Since Of Public Release Boxing Day ,2018

(29 days)

UK & Ireland

£10 Staking Stake

LP88 Staking = £511.20 Profit

Level Staking = £236.50 Profit

95 Bets, 84 Winning. (88.42% Strike Rate)

Why Not?

So before we go any further, let me tell you what we have here.

1. If you a technophobe ( noun: a person who fears, dislikes, or avoid new technology.)

Then you can look at the Manual only, this will allow you to bet the LayPro 88 principle (and save £60.00 on the price it has been on the market for the past 11 years.). You can bet the selections on level staking.

2. Like betting Old School, with a twist. The LayPro 88 results are turbo boosted using the LayPro88 staking plan. So if you can use excel, then you can consider the Manual and Excel Spreadsheet Staking.

3. If you embrace the computer age, and want more free time, and still reap the reward of the LayPro88 selection and staking, then the manual and Auto betting software are for you.

So now you are either still here, or you have baled.

OH, still here... GREAT CARRY ON...

These were Anthony's actual bets before he disappeared.

Yes they are OLD, but theses were his level staking bets.

Recent limited results are further down.

Pretty Impressive, I think you would agree!

But, the results using the LayPro 88 staking is much better.

Now YOU CAN Own this system!

(£60.00 saving) Originally sold for £89.97

You get the 2 1/2 years results with every bet!

This method, needs you to follow the racing, and that is why once Anthony disappeared the results stop being recorded.

But now you don't have to follow the racing... read on.

It is called LAY PRO 88

Because it is a Lay Method

And is a money earner hence the PRO

and 88 because for the last 2 and half years it has had an

88% Strike Rate!!!

The first review after it was released, in 2007

Hi Steve,
This is part of the report I sent to our publisher as promised.
The results relate to UK races only.
The Lay Pro 88 system produced the enclosed results upto the end of UK racing on Sunday.
Unfortunately the system turned up a winner with
the weeks final selection. The win damaged the
weeks profit slightly but over all the 6 days produced a 21.3 point profit using the Lay pro 88 staking option.
I would think that compounding should be useful to the betting bank and will further test the system in the coming week.
In summary.
The system is easy to learn and use and with the Spreadsheet provides an interesting product. The testing to date has been positive and my thoughts are that a further week of testing should provide further positive results. The coming days will provide the answers but over all I think Lay Pro 88 looks likely to succeed in the long term.
Kind Regards

Norman Spencer 

Rhuddlan, North Wales

These are the Bot Bets(software betting since we started testing it)


Using £10.00 starting Stakes

LP88 Staking = £811.10 Profit

Level Staking = £420.00 Profit

149 Bets, 133 Wins S/R 89.26%



The Redline shows when we released the Laypro88 software to the public.

10-Dec, is from when we have been running the bot.

No Bets on the 19-1-2019 in UK or Ireland



Due To Requests we are Tracking Australian Racing to See how it Performs.

Using $10.00 starting Stakes

LP88 Staking = $816.08 Profit

Level Staking = $278.00 Profit

Bets 216; Wins 191 (88.42% Strike Rate)

Bets 216; Wins 191 (88.42% Strike Rate)


Daily Average Return


For December 2018

On Starting Stake $10.00

23% Growth in 9 Days



These are the Software Settings we use to get the results above:

This is a laying method (laying horses to LOSE.)

Fact: 88% strike rate over the years!


We hear a lot about pro punters, fulltime gamblers.

They are not mythical they do exist.

These are people who have the freedom to do as they please no boss, very little time restraints.

If you take on this system you will see by the results the owner of this system doesnt always start at a set time.

But one thing you will notice is that he wins month in and month out!

Why Have We Revived LayPro88?

Well, we never took the product off the market.

It has been a steady selling part of our products.

However while a lot has changed over the past 11 or 12 years, one thing that has not, and that is the formula for Lay Pro 88.

So with our clients demanding more and more Auto Betting Software, to free up their TIME.

Our programmers have been hard at work getting the software to replicate the LAYPRO 88 formula.

Plus adding the famous LayPro 88 staking method.

All bundled in one compacted software. Easy To Set Up and Use.

Now if you are time poor, or can not follow the daily races, your prayers have been answered.

This software either sits on your windows powered laptop or desktop. Or for a more solid reliable service a VPS. (Virtual Private Server).

Why a VPS?

Because it runs 24/7 without interuption and you get to access it on most devices, like your smart phone, ipad, tablet or pc.

You can see more on VPS here ( )

If you have a Betfair account and it can lay horses you are most of the way there to use this auto software.

The research and past results have all been on UK and Ireland horse racing.

Now with the software you can use the staking and selection critera in other countries racing now.

If you are like me (no not bald, although there are alot of us), but living in Australia, you can set the bot to run overnight. There nothing better than waking up to find more money in your account.

Truly a making money while you sleep scenerio.

The Software.

Above is the interface of the LayPro 88 Auto software (bot).

This bot, will allow you to run 3 individual betting series. (Lay 1, Lay 2, Lay 3 the pink area.)

You can lay to the original LayPro88 settings, or you have the flexiability to make your own settings.

(Bot will only Lay horses).

You can also stake to level staking, or you can use the famous LayPro88 staking plan.

Plus it has 5 individual staking tabs, if you wish to spread your bets (top next to Log tab.)

And the option to exclude Handicap or non handicap races.

The bot as access to all the horse markets betfair bet on.

This software performs the LayPro 88 system, automatically on Betfair.

Set and Forget approach, no following races.

Level Bet, or use the Famous LayPro88 Staking

See what the Bot can do, video runtime 5.30 minutes

Why use the Software?

Apart from freeing you up to enjoy life and reaping the rewards?

All betfair countries available
Can Bet 3 different series at same time
Bet Handicap and or Non Handicap
5 Staking Tabs, if you want to split the bets over more tabs.
Set Minimum and Maximum Market Liquidly
Lay Pro 88 staking, and Level Staking
Don't have to stick to LayPro88 selection criteria
Bet small amounts if you wish
Stop Loss options, Stop Profit options
Use on Harness racing also if you like.

So if you like horse racing, but can't spending time following them on a daily basis then this software can well be your ULTIMATE WEAPON to have both FREEDOM and PROFITS.

It will be a great servant waiting for the right race that meets the exact criteria, and then it will place the bet.

Whether it is the level staking approach or the famous Lay Pro 88 staking approach you are covered with this software.

The earlybird price works out at a little over 10 pences a day!!

The software is a very time efficient way to use the LayPro88 prinicples. Incredibly easy to set up (preset for you), and Powerful in the results it produces.

If winning the battle of the horse racing game is costing you TIME and MONEY!

Then this is the answer.

Michael has spent many years, working with our in house programmers to get our bots (over 14 now), to perform as they say on the tin.

If this is what you want skip the Spreadsheet section and go to the Buy Button below..

Still not sold, then carry on down.


The Spreadsheet.

UK & Ireland

The above graphic shows, the results between 10-12-2018 to 25-01-2019

Using £10.00 starting Stakes

LP88 Staking = £811.10 Profit

Level Staking = £420.00 Profit

149 Bets, 133 Wins S/R 89.26%


Since Of Public Release Boxing Day ,2018

LP88 Staking = £541.60 Profit

Level Staking = £265.00 Profit

98 Bets, 87 Winning. (88.77% Strike Rate)


Australian Results


Australia Test Results

The above graphic shows, the results between 22-12-2018 to 25-01-2019

Using $10.00 starting Stakes

LP88 Staking = $816.08 Profit

Level Staking = $278.00 Profit

Bets 216; Wins 191 (88.42% Strike Rate)

The Spreadsheet.

If you are going to purchase the software, then you don't need to have this spreadsheet as the Bot will bet to either LP88 staking or Level staking you choose.

However, if you are going to bet the LayPro 88 method manually, then the spreadsheet will help make you more profit.

And keep your betting in order and easy to follow, especially if you are going to bet only occassionally, you will need to keep track of your betting activity, and if using the LP88 staking you will need to know if you are in a recovery series.

Upshot is, if you are going to bet manually then the spreadsheet is a must really.

Also the spreadsheet can be very handy for your other laying activities.

The spreadsheet is an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, and it needs Excel 2007 or later. (No it will not run on Libre or Open Office) as it contains macros (programs) that work only with excel.

Our spreadsheet actual contains 5 work sheets, so you can run 5 different staking series.

Why would you want to do that?

Well if you wanted to separate UK racing from Irish racing, you can do UK on one worksheet and the Ireland on Tab 2, so the staking sequences are kept separate.

Of course if you are running only level staking lays then there is no need for the spreadsheet, however why ignore the extra profit if you are following the races (time is money, better to get a higher hourly rate).

This spreadsheet (SS) is easy to use, the cells that perform the calculations is protected, so you can not over ride the formulas.

You initially set the SS to the level of staking you want to start with, and the commission rate you are paying on betfair. And your starting bank. (You do that once only).

After that you simply fill in the the race details, as the races come, and the result after and the SS updates it all, and gives you the staking for the next bet.

Also keeps a graph for you also and a link to Racing post if you need to look at something there.

Plus it has a help button, if you need to access information on the SS.

See the spreadsheet below.


This video shows the spreadsheet and what it does.

The spreadsheet will help any layer that has a reasonable strike rate. Convenient and easy to use.

You can run 2000 bets on one work tab if you wish.

Also have the benefit of saving the SS and having several different copies to store your results.

So remember you need Microsoft Excell 2007 or higher to run this spreadsheet.

If you are currently running any of our staking excels, then this one will run on you computer also.


There is no wrong answer in the two ways, just choices.

This is your new text content. You can modify this text, add more paragraph, change font style or add images by clicking the edit button.

There are 3 combos for you to consider, depending on your pocket.

Ebook & Spread Sheet Only

  • LayPro 88 Method Manual

  • Excel Spreadsheet.

  • YOU MUST HAVE EXCEL 2007 or later




Ebook and Software.

  • LayPro 88 Method Manual

  • Auto Betting Software.

Bets on Betfair on Autopilot.

Allows you to bet three different settings, and bet in every country betfair bets.

Ebook Only

  • LayPro 88 Method Manual

This manual is the Original LayPro 88 formula, that has past the test of time, still producing great profits.

Now reduced £60.00 on

our 2007 release price.


Ebook & Spread Sheet Only


Special Price

Save £10.00




Ebook and Software.


Special Price

Save £10.00



One Year

S-ware Licence

( But you pay only 29,900 if you fall among the first 40 buyers)


Ebook Only


Special Price

Save £10.00



To order for the Lay Pro 88 Software;

Select any of the packages you wish to go for from the 3 different packages above and make your payment to the bank account below and follow the remaining instructions.

Bank Name: GTBank
Account Name: Odunuga Idowu

Account Number: 0114098675
After payment, send payment notification to my email: OR Whatsapp: 07052017884.

NOTE: Enable you state the exact package you paid for (whether software or Ebook only).

Please ensure you write to me and send me your testimonies immediately you start using this system. Even though I get an enormous amount of mail, please write to me. I'd love to hear your success story!
To Your Soccer Betting Success!!
Idowu Odunuga


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