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Hi, my name is Idowu and I football and Horses.

This means I bet on them to lose.

A lot of people consider it risky but when you know what you're doing and use a proper strategy when doing so then it doesn't have to be risky at all.

I used to follow tipsters looking for winners myself, it left me over £4,000 in debt in my betting account. Following one tipster after the next and seeing my banks that they advised just disappear.

I used to think the same as many about laying, it was a risky strategy, I mean, a £10 lay on a horse at 3/1 could lose me £30 to win just £10 back.

Why would I do that?

Well its only when I starting playing around with my own selections that I saw the real potential with lay betting.

Here's what I found...

1 - You can limit your liability, rather than your stake, so you can set the amount you are willing to lose per bet.

So just like putting £20 on each bet to win, you can adjust your stake on a lay so you only lose £20 if the horse/match goes on to win. This is the issue most people have with laying.

This is not an issue.

2 - Its pretty easy to pick horses/football teams to lose.

Either that or I am very good at it. Out of my first 10 selections I only had 1 loss come in, meaning I had won 90% of my bets.

I continued at roughly the same rate through my first 100 bets, only seeing 12 losing laying bets. 88% of my first 100 lays were on point.

All I needed now was a strategy to capitalise.

Here's what I came up with...



This strategy looks at using a $100 starting bank and laying throughout the day, one lay at a time.

The target was to make $100 profit in 3 days or less.

This strategy have enabled us to have runs like last week;

Over $200 profit from 3 days total betting (Using a Capital of $400).

This week I started another run using this same strategy and hit 11 straight wins for $106 profit in a single day.

In total this week the 3 Day Lay has made $308.75 In Just 3 Days Of Testing.

I limit the loss to $10 per game and look for low liability soccer matches that I think will lose (Don't worry about the terminologies, I already explained it in the Video course).

Last week saw (First wee of Trying the new strategy):

Monday 6 wins out of 8 = +$45
Tuesday 5wins out of 5 games = +$50.00
Wednesday 5 wins out of 6 games = +$37.18 (madrid spoilt what should have been a perfect day).
Thursday 2 wins out of 3 games = -$4.20
Saturday 10 wins out of 12 games = +$80.02

I didn't place any trade for 2 days out of 7 days...I had 1 lossing day but still managed to make a solid profit of $200 for the week using just $200 Capital (I was able to build to $400).

This week has been much better so far...

Monday 8/9 +$60.08
Tuesday 12/15 +$84.00
Wednesday 7/8 +$54
Thursday 7/10 +$33.00
Friday 9/10 $74.96

Still 9 losing lays from 52 but a nice profit of $304.68 so far, and remember I started with only $200 right now my bankroll sits at $700 and its's still only week 3!

So those are my 3 strategies.

They're not going to make you £50,000 in 6 months or some of the other claims out there but they will make you money and its the only thing that has had my negative balance in my betting account creeping closer to zero in a long time.

So why not try out this laying Course for yourself and your Family?

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Video 3: How to Calculate your Liability and meaning of Liability.

Video 4: The $300 Per Week strategy (Using a Capital of just $100)

Video 5: How to DETERMINE a tradeable match in Just 60 Seconds.

Bonus: My 7 Days Whatsapp Support Group (As you can see, it's a 7 days whatsapp support and limited to only 50 memebers. So you need to get in Quickly).

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I am looking for just 50 new members, I already have members who have paid me from the day I announced this course (even before launching this course), I like to keep the number reasonable as as I will be working with People in the Whatsapp Group!
To Your Soccer Betting Success!!
Idowu Odunuga

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