20yrs Old Kid Shows The Simple Betting Strategy That’s Making Him 50k Per Day!

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The Strategy I’m about to show you is something I stumbled upon on the sportstradingguy blog this year and since then I have used it to make close to 2Million already!

I will walk you through the step by step so that you can also start making money with it starting from 30minutes from now.

All you need do is follow this step by step tutorial…even a 12yr old can understand it.


You need a NEW 1XBET account. You can click Here to Sign up

On the sign up page enter the promo code 1x_35271 to get an instant 36,000 bonus (you need to deposit within 48hrs else the code will expire).

Once you deposit, the bonus money will reflect Instantly.

For Instance, if you deposit 36,000naira you will be given additional 36,000 making 72,000. If you deposit 100,000naira you get an additional 100,000naira (so far you used the promo code 1x_35271 when signing up).

How To Fund Your 1XBET Account:

Verve – This is another payment aggregator compatible with Nigeria. This payment system enables customers to transfer and receive funds to and from friends and family. the minimum deposit amount is also ₦150. (I will advice you don’t fund anything less than 15,000 in other to maximize your bonus).

The above fields are required to be filled to confirm payment. Clicking the “confirm” button will open another window which will ask for some personal details (bank account, pin and so forth). No bank charges.

Now that everything is set, lets talk about the money spinning strategy.

Lets assume you deposited 36,000 and already gotten another 36,000 bonus totaling 72,000naira, all you need do is to divide your account by 10 so we are betting 7,200 naira on each game.

The Strategy:

The Strategy is called Backing The Favorite.


In order to use this strategy, you must make sure the odds given to the favorite team is not more than 1.60

Here is what I mean If Liverpool is to play a weaker team and the odds for Liverpool to win is not more than 1.60 then place a bet on Liverpool to win.

CRITERIA 2: Always make sure the stronger team (using liverpool for the purpose of this example) is playing at home.

Lastly! Remember to always divide your betting account by 10 or more so you can placethis type of bet on other strong teams too.

The joy of this strategy is that you only need about 6/7 wins to start seeing instant decent profits!

If you want your betting account winnings to look like mine below then take action, register, fund and start betting today;

Don’t forget to open a new account, fund and claim your instant bonus using the links below.

You need a NEW 1XBET account. You can click Here to Sign up

Enter the promo code 1x_35271 to activate your bonus and make sure you deposit within 48hrs in order not to lose your bonus.




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