The Almost Risk Free Staking Plan – For Sport Bettors!

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Hi, i hope you are doing Awesome today my friend?

I want to share with you, a staking plan that is worth
testing for sport bettors and maybe Forex traders.

But before i show you this simple staking plan let me share
the experience that let me into looking for a staking plan
that almost eliminates my chances of loosing.

Let me tell you the story of;

How loosing people’s investment made me develop a staking plan
that hasn’t failed for more than 6months.

So in 2012 (not really sure but I know it’s around that year), I launched a betting system called “wreck Nairabet” guide. This system focused more on the corner kick market and it made money for a lot of people (even though some minority didn’t record much success as a result of greed and other factors)…But the truth is, the system worked!

Now talking about greed, I wouldn’t say i was greedy…lets just say I lacked the discipline, I didn’t have a staking plan.

See the cruel thing about betting is that, you can have the finest betting strategy on the internet and still end up losing IF you do not have a proper money management system (staking plan).

Back in 2012, did I had a good betting system? Of course! But did i had a staking plan? Absolutely not! …And that was where the problem started.

I had a working system, but my staking plan was terrible…In fact I was doing the rollover type of staking plan, the popular Martingale strategy.

In betting you can win 8 out of 10 and still end up wiping out your entire account if you don’t have a good staking plan.

sportstradingguy + staking plan

Let me explain that again; take for instance you have a system that produces 8 wins out of every 10 bet you place daily with an average of 1.83 odds (using basketball games as example).

If you trade with $100 per day, check out what’s going to happen; when you use a staking plan Vs when you don’t.

Scenario 1 With $200 Capital (Using a Staking Plan):

Lets say we decide to divide our capital by 10 meaning we only want to stake 10% per bet;

Bet 1 – $20 =>> $20 x 1.83 = $36 WON

Bet 2 – $20 =>> $20 x 1.83 = $36 WON

Bet 3 – $20 =>> $20 x 1.83 = $36 WON

Bet 4 – $20 =>> $20 x 1.83 = $36 WON

Bet 5 – $20 =>> LOST

Bet 6 – $20 =>> $20 x 1.83 = $36 WON

Bet 7 – $20 =>> $20 x 1.83 = $36 WON

Bet 8 – $20 =>> $20 x 1.83 = $36 WON

Bet 9 – $20 =>> LOST

Bet 10 – $20 =>> $20 x 1.83 = $36 WON

From the Analysis above, with $200 capital and a 8 out of 10 wins means you would have lost $40 from the 2 losses and won a total of $288 that’s an increase of $88 in a single day with just $200 capital! That’s not bad at all if you ask me, but instead i was doing it the other way round using this scenario 2 that i’m about to show you.

SCENARIO 2 With $200 Capital Using Rollover (Martingale Strategy).

Assuming same win rate of 8 out of 10.

Bet 1 – $200 =>> $200 x 1.83 = $366

Bet 2 – $366 =>> $366 x 1.83 = $669

Bet 3 – $669 =>> $669 x 1.83 = $1,225

Bet 4 – $1,225 =>> $1,225 x 1.83 = $2243

Bet 5 – $2,243 =>> LOST

As you can see using the martingale staking plan is very tempting because of how fast it can help you build your bankroll but then it is the most riskiest staking plan any reasonable trader can use.

In 2012 I used this staking plan and by the time my loss came, it came heavily i didn’t only lose my money…I also lost people’s money!

Imagine how painful that is? But the positive thing about the loss was the fact that i learnt how to start using staking plans.

So the simple yet effective staking plan i want to share with you is so effective that I even recommend it to my BETTING MASTERMIND MEMBERS.

So here is how the strategy works;

Take for Instance you are trading with a capital of $1,000 all you need do is divide your account by 50. Meaning you have to lose 50 times to wipe out your account which is almost impossible IF you have a decent betting strategy just like the one I’m using with my BETTING MASTERMIND MEMBERS.

All you need do is divide $1000 by 50 which is $20 per stake.

I hope this helps, feel free to drop your comments and let me know what you think about this strategy.


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