New Betting Strategy: Use This Newly Cracked Throwing Strategy To Make Instant Profits on Bet365

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The first time i ever tried this throwing strategy was during last season’s champions league (Man Utd VS Sevilla), i instantly made $400 (148,000) in just 10 minutes!

…And since then, i have never mentioned this strategy to anyone, so if you are reading this information right now, consider yourself lucky!

Imagine being able to make money every 10 minutes (Yes this strategy is a 10 minutes Market)!

Without wasting much of your times, let me get straight into it.

So in the picture above, you will notice the market in the red box (the throw-in market) that’s what we are focusing on).

The market is usually from 00:00 to 09:59 (that’s 10 minutes if you are betting from the kick off), or 10:00 to 19:59 that’s another 10minutes and so on.

So if you check the box i placed a bet that there will be more than 4 throws from the 60th minute to the 69:59 minutes, like i said this market is every 10 minutes…you don’t have to wait till the end of the game.

That count you are seeing; where you have “count 1(50:00  59:59)” is counting the number of throw ins for the 50th to 60th minute.

So in this case we are placing our bet for 60:00 to 69:59 minutes (you have to place your bets before the end of the 59th minutes, else the market will move to 70:00 to 79:59 minute)

So we are betting that there would be more than 4 throws from 50th to 59:59 minutes and below is the outcome of the bet!

The meaning of over 4.5 throws is that there would be more than 4 throws from 60:00 to 69:59…and as you can see from the result if you had placed a $50 on this bet, you would have won $95! a $10 bet would have returned $19!

This market is already turning into my favorite market already…but what if you lose the bet?

Good question! that’s where the betting spread sheet comes in, this calculator helps you eliminate the risk…all you need do is enter the amount you wish to win.

The image above is the exact calculator i use with this market, all i need do is to enter the amount i wish to win and the calculator would automatically tell me how much to bet!

The good thing about this calculator is its ability to help a lot of virtual football bettors…the first time i combined this calculator with merrybet vfl, i went on 10 straight games without losing!


Below is result from one of the games i placed over the weekend that made me $420 in ten minutes!

throwing strategy + betting tips


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